Monday, October 01, 2007

"JOINT" single info

sentiment: nervous and at the same time excited
harmony: "Kanashimi no Mori" by Mami Kawada

I quote CDJapan's info about Mami Kawada's upcoming 5th single JOINT.

Fifth maxi-single release from Mami Kawada and theme song to the anime series
"Shakugan no Shana II" features a rock taste. Includes both intro and outro
themes to the series.

Take note of the bold statement, "features a rock taste". Well said, the JOINT song will be another of Mami's "trial-and-error" music. Why? Mami has never been in-touch with the rock music and the Get my way! single is it's proof. Before I read about this info, I was speculating that it will be another great techno music which is really known for an I've Sound member. It's not that I'm not looking forward for this single more than anything, but rather I am really feeling nervous about this single because like what I said earlier, Mami is not well-known and well-geared up for rock music so I am a bit afraid that I will be disappointed with the song/s. But in reality, she never really disappointed my taste when it comes to music just like her previous single Get my way! which is her least successful single up to date.

Well, I just hope this single will work for her... and I can see her hardwork for entering the rock music industry... When the time comes that I knew that this will be a success, they can say already that I've Sound is not just a trance & techno music production but also of rock! Nyahaha! And that sounds even great! XD I will be happy if that time comes... I really hope so... xD

As of now, the single cover is not yet available but I will post it here once I knew that it is available. =)

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  1. 「JOINT」's official release is on the 31st, isn't it?