Tuesday, October 02, 2007

JOINT single cover up!

sentiment: jumpy!!! xD
harmony: "Aozora to Taiyou" by Mami Kawada

Even though I am now cramming for my project, I got excited when I visited Mami Kawada's Geneon website... What surprised me was her main banner!! It changed so early and it looks so... GREAT!!! Damn, I didn't expect she'll be having a picture in a very secluded area (which is rare) like this...

Photo courtesy of her Geneon Website. Isn't she look great in that outfit? She looks nice! And what really freaked surprised me is her single cover. It's already out but in a very small quality...

JOINT single cover

Again, courtesy of her Geneon Website. Oh yeah, she really looks a REAL rockstar now with this appearance and with those chain and monochrome color and black outfit in the center... OMG, she's going to do it for real this time - being a rock star!!! XD Can't believe my eyes... my eyes went... O_O when I saw this thumbnail cover but how they made this cover was absolutely amazing and brilliant. xD

This October 4, 2007 will be the official airing of Shakugan no Shana II and definitely, I will be chasing after the raw episode 1 so that I can rip the TV sizes of JOINT and triangle (intro and outro of the anime respectively). Then we'll be the judge when the time comes. =)


  1. Oh, but the way Mami Kawada establishes this new style is what makes her really worthy to look out for. ^__^

    ...and she should go for this rock and grunge style because it suits her well overall! ^^b I mean, really!

  2. yeah you're right about that imouto... ^^, she can carry any outfit and indeed she is versatile with both techno/trance and rock... xD very few artists can do that...

    and I think rock really suits her more if you'll ask me... xD