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"JOINT" and "triangle" TV sizes up and more!

sentiment: uber happy!! rockin'!!
harmony: "JOINT (TV size)" by Mami Kawada

At long last! XD I already have a clear copy of Shakugan no Shana II's opening and ending themes (TV size) which are both performed by none other than my favorite I've Sound member Mami Kawada!! xD you can avail of these mp3s if you have your eSnips account. ^__^ Now here's the widget:

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Now let's judge the songs....

JOINT will be used as the opening theme for Shakugan no Shana II and it will be the name for Mami Kawada's upcoming single which will be released on October 31, 2007. As what I've said in my previous post, it is really a rock music! As of now, this is Mami Kawada's most greatest rock song made, in short, an epic win! I just love how it's been done into rock! xD hearing this song makes me uber excited for October 31 October 30 night so that I can avail the long version of this song. More rockish and intense than Get my way!, I recommend this song to Mami Kawada fans just like me. xD The song has a long intro and in 33 sec., Mami will begin to sing and hit the ground with her great voice.

triangle will be used as the ending theme for the same anime. At first, I thought this will be a ballad (just like in her Hishoku no Sora single, in which the title track was upbeat and the B-side another planet is a ballad) but it turns out to be an upbeat techno song... The tune's a bit similar to KOTOKO's Sekka no Shinwa (B-side from the single being which was used as the 2nd Opening Theme for the first series of Shakugan no Shana) and to her Precious song (from her SEED album). Refreshing and just right. This song portrays more of her usual tune which is either trance or techno.

For me, I like JOINT more than triangle (but I still like this song) as it shows another side of Mami Kawada that I haven't before. I like this song although usually I am more enticed to her techno songs more than rock (just like in the case of Get my way! single, I like Aozora to Taiyou, the B-side song, more than Get my way!) but still JOINT really rocks my socks!! XD

On another point, I just noticed that I've Sound creator Kazuya Takase is not that proficient in making Mami Kawada's songs (for me) but rather, the other I've Sound creator Tomoyuki Nakazawa is more appealing to Mami's taste as he composes most (not all) of her songs and her most epic win songs are composed by Tomoyuki Nakazawa just like her Hishoku no Sora song and Aozora to Taiyou was composed by him (while Get my way! is composed by none other than Kazuya Takase). And majority of her songs in her album SEED are composed and/or arranged by Nakazawa-san which, I think is very good (I like most of his composed songs for Mami) because in my opinion, Kazuya Takase is much closer to the other 4 I've Girls namely MELL, KOTOKO, Eiko Shimamiya, and Kaori Utatsuki.

And here's more! A bigger and high quality JOINT single cover courtesy of Amazon.

JOINT single cover courtesy of Do you seriously think I'm finished with my surprises? Not yet... but actually this is not considered as a big surprise (but hey! I worked hard for this!) because I just transcribed the songs just now... I'm not 100% sure it is correct but the accuracy of my transcription is 90% accurate haha! So here it is!

(NOTE: Will edit when I find something incorrect in the lyrics)

JOINT (TV size)
Composed by: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement by: Tomoyuki Nakazawa & Takeshi Ozaki
Lyrics by: Mami Kawada

futatabi miru sekai wa
chiru to zanzou awai kage
rin to shita senaka ni wa
sono subete wo seou kaku go ga aru

doushitai no? doushite?
kodoku na tabi sou kimeta
hazukatta no ni

konna te wo hanasanai de
kimi kara tsutawaru omoi kara
kokoro ni nemuru negai ga mezameru

tsuyoi shisen no kanata
mayoi nai futari no subete ga
mieru nagare susumu masaya ga aru toki e

triangle (TV size)
Composed by: Kazuya Takase
Arrangement by: Kazuya Takase
Lyrics by: Mami Kawada

kenka toka wakachi au toka sou ne te tokubetsu no
kyokaisen koeta futari dake no mono ga tara

sonna kaosunda ne iteku dake nante mo iyou
zankaku no meirou kakete yuku

furi muite hontou no kimochi
oshiete ageru yo
ai wa ima yasashisa naka
doko ni kidzutsuku

soba ni itai dakara misete
shirenaiku ushisa you ni
subete shitte onaji toki wo
hanarete yukitai kara

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