Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Hate to Lose!

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Another spam post!! Haha! I missed posting one. xD

It happened yesterday (Saturday), when I went to Alabang Town Center to buy a second-hand battery for my sister's cellphone when I had the urge to take out all my stress by playing Soul Calibur 2 in the Timezone. I payed for 5 games (P45.00) straight Soul Calibur 2. First I played the Conquest Mode and played my account (I missed Xianghua very much) which, in the end, incurred 808 wins and 240 losses. Gosh I really hate to lose and I am frustrated with my account because I had many losses already... because my goal is to have 300 losses by the time that I have 1,000 wins... Oh-oh 60 losses more to go... O_O

The second play was in vain. The joystick malfunctioned a bit and when I choose "Conquest" the chooser went down for "Arcade". O_O And so I have to play the Arcade (whether I like it or not) since I don't want to waste my credits and I chose to play Cassandra which is surprisingly easy because I didn't lose even once... Oh well, I can control Sophitia so it is impossible that I can't control Cassandra.

The third was Conquest mode again. But then, a Korean kid suddenly challenged me on the end of the Conquest mode (fighting yourself). He keep on saying something but I can't understand a thing so I just smiled at him. O_O Then he swiped the card, and choose his character. He chose Kilik while I'm still Xianghua. I won... with no difficulty. Then, he laughed for a sec and swiped again his card and this time, he chose Nightmare, the ultimate cheater. I won the first round, I lose the second round and I won the Final Round. Yes, I won again!! But that wasn't the last time he'd challenged me.

The fourth credit was for Conquest mode but when I was still choosing a territory to fight, he came back again and challenged me again. X__X "Does he ever get tired!?" that's what I said inside my mind. This time, he chose Kilik again. I won but that didn't stop him from challenging me. He chose Kilik again for the nth time. And I lost that time because he kept on attacking me with the same attack and I'm the one who's always initiating the attack while he's only shielding. In short, that gakki ("kid" in Japanese) cheated on me! Plus my 4th credit was put in vain! *shudders*

It got on my nerves and spend my 5th and last credit fighting him. I chose Xianghua again (Xianghua forever!! xD). I got revenged by "Perfect"-ing him in the first round and attacked him furiously in the next round making him no chance of winning against me. Outside, I still smiling but inside the depths of my mind, "curse you for wasting one game!!" XD haha! Then the Korean kid went off his way to the Time Crisis 2 game leaving me with the Soul Calibur 2 game. And played another Conquest Mode.

It was 4-1 so I still won somehow... xD But it would've been pretty great if I didn't lose. Well, I just realized afterwards that losing is still part of life, you rise again to your feet and face the trial until you win. ^__^

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