Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I got LSS'd!

sentiment: strange, I want to sing all over again.
harmony: "Lythrum" by Mami Kawada

This song got me really on the going a while ago!! O__O It's like I wasn't stopping by either humming or singing some parts of the song. Yes, it's still what I am listening to right now. It's Lythrum by none other than Mami Kawada!! =D It's not upbeat for an opening theme of Giboshimai SLG (an H-game of some I-don't-know game creator) but the melody is just so different. It feels like it's letting you fantasize a lot of bittersweet memories with other people. Not really the actual meaning of the song but it's what I felt by listening to the song. Literally, Lythrum is a genus of some flower which I really don't know as well *Yes, blame it to the scientific names and the other related topics* XD.

I don't actually listen to this song multiple times before because the song seems strange and weird and it doesn't have the most WIN elements in which you can find on her other songs. Plus, her singing voice is somewhat different from the usual Mami Kawada song.

I don't know why but I'm beginning to like this song although it's a lonesome song. Right now, I'm downloading it's karaoke version haha! So when the time comes I want to sing the song, I can! *adds to my goodie mp3 collection* It's not the most upbeat song that you can enjoy but I like it. Yes, I'm indeed weird. I already know and accepted that fact. xD

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