Friday, October 12, 2007

Shakugan no Shana II 1st episode done!

sentiment: unsatisfied!!
harmony: "Lost Shadow" by Mami Kawada

Holy SHHIIIAAATTTT~! I just finished downloading (via Torrent) the first episode of Shakugan no Shana II!!! First episode, it is already action-packed. But I think this episode is some sort of "refresher" episode because 3/4 of the episode is mostly remembrance or reminiscing the past episodes. Not totally reminiscing but because the Guze no Tomogara in the first episode made a spell and Yuuji was like, the time went bizarre and some of the events in the first season is happening again.

At first, I was "bizarred" because how come Friagne is alive again together with his beloved doll Marianne. But I realized afterwards, "Oh it happened in one of the episodes in the first season!" was the only thing that I said. Not only that but the Aizen-cest were alive again. I just hate this dirty twins but if not for them, Yuuji won't be able to wake up from the Tomogara's transient and eternal dream.

And the worst of all, Shana wasn't able to confess her feelings for Yuuji!!! waah!!! I like YuujixShana for life!!! Say no to YuujixKazumi!! Hahaha she should go to Hayato Ike!! or to Khamsin Nbhw but don't touch Yuuji because he is meant for Shana!! *random nothingness* Oh well, as of now, I am really REALLY unsatisfied because I want to watch more of the second season!! but what can I do when it was just aired last week! T__T I'll have to wait for another week to watch the next episode huhu.... T__T I want to watch more MORE and more!! xD I want more YuujixShana!!!


  1. *blink* Kazumi can be paired with Khamsin-san? O___o Oh well, anyone will do as long as it's not Yuuji hahahaha!

    Nee, any MargeryxKeisaku scenes? xDDD~

  2. yep, it is possible for Kazumi to be paired up with Khamsin... ^^ When Khamsin first appeared to Misaki City, Kazumi Yoshida was the first person he met. And he's the one responsible for Kazumi knowing Yuuji is already a torch. And Khamsin uses Kazumi to restore Misaki after it was destroyed. Haha so it's kind of possible. ^^

    Ohh~ Margery and Keisaku-kun? Hmm as of now, they only make appearances, minor to be exact. I hope they'll have more major appearances in the next episodes. ^__^ I like them as well. Margery hasn't change one bit. She's still a drunkard. xD