Sunday, September 30, 2007

Very Least Productive Month

sentiment: disappointed
harmony: "sky was g-ray" by C.G mix

This will be the last post for the month of September and I was glad that this month will be going to an end. What I noticed that this month is not a very productive one as I always face epic fail! O_O even in my own life -- very much epic fail. My homeworks backfired, I haven't passed quality assignments and I have become very indolent when it comes to school works and lessons. Yeah, I didn't do very well at school that it really sucks... Plus I got sick last week, and I wasn't able to pass a project and a long seatwork. I hope this next month will be better.

Well I'm still happy about this month because I was still able to see my friends whom I missed very much... not just once but twice... But the sad thing is, one of my friends will go to a very far place... I know it's not the end of friendship but it's still very sad... because I don't know when we will see each other again... I hope she'll do fine there and by the time that we will see each other again, we have fulfilled our promise -- and that is to gain weight! Well, I'll cross my fingers on that. xD

Finals examination is on it's way and I haven't done my projects yet... I'm still indolent, I must say... But I'll do them later because I don't want to fail my subjects... but the one that I am really nervous among my subjects is Rizal. I'm not really proficient in history subjects but why the hell do we have to study Rizal? Will it help me when I work in the future? Really, I don't want to waste my time on that f*cking subject. It's not that I hate my country's national hero but I find it really irrelevant and inappropriate.

Looking on the other side, I've Sound hasn't produce good music for this month as well. I didn't really like Virgin's high!/kicks! that much but there's something to look forward on... This coming October will be KOTOKO's 9th single Shichitenhakki Shijoushuji and Mami Kawada's 5th single which is JOINT. I'm excited about JOINT because I can finally hear it this coming week. xD (FYI, the Shakugan no Shana 2nd Season will be out this October 4, 2007 and the single will be out at the end of the month.)

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