Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Virgin’s high!/kicks!(evaluation)

sentiment: contented
harmony: "kicks!" by MELL

Now that I have both the long version of Virgin's high! and kicks! (which is what I am listening to right now), the critic portion follows... but before anything else, here's the two songs if you want to listen...

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Virgin’s high!/kicks! is I've Sound MELL's 3rd Maxi Single under Geneon Entertainment Japan (produced by I've). The title track was used as an intro theme to the recently showed anime "Sky Girls". The anime itself is not that interesting that's why I didn't DL'd it.

Virgin's high! is, like what I said earlier, a rock-flavored music with some hints and elements of techno like in the beginning of the TV version but there are more techno voice as the song continues. My impression about this song changed a bit when I heard the long version. Actually, it got better, I must say. As usual, her "grainy" English words are included and it's improved for only a bit. The music's a bit rowdy but what really attracted (or rather shocked at first) me to this song is that she's sort of "screamed" at 2:40. The song's not that long but 4:21 is still tolerable... It's just different since MELL's songs are usually long like 5:00+ or 6:00+

kicks! is much much more win for me (although the PV preview was indeed weird). It's one of MELL's usual song. Techno and perky (but not denpa) songs just like her no vain but the latter is still much better. Yeah kicks! is truly upbeat and portrays the usual taste of MELL but there's this element (which I cannot describe and explain right now) that lacks from this song to make it equal with no vain and Red fraction. And yet, I still like the song more than Virgin's high! because the song is not that "mixed up" if you know what I mean when you have heard Virgin's high! Another thingis that it's another short song... 3:48 - not the usual again.

Overall, IMHO this will be MELL's least successful (not worst) single... I'm just assuming only since the earlier singles are much more better than this single. If it wasn't for my interest in I've Sound, I wouldn't recommend this song to my readers (if any). But since I'm not telling that this is a worst single, I'm still delighted to have heard these songs the night before it's actual release date. XD If I were to rate it now, 7/10 might be enough for it. (My ratings for Red fraction is 9.5/10 while Proof/no vain is 9/10)

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