Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Virgin’s high!/kicks!

sentiment: excited
harmony: "Monochrome" by Jyukai

cover jacket for Virgin’s high!/kicks!(courtesy of Amazon)

As you know, Virgin’s high!/kicks! will be released tomorrow, September 26, 2007 and I'm excited for kicks! because I find it more upbeat but I still like Virgin’s high! presenting a rock-flavored MELL. I find this single cover more prestige and class than Proof/no vain's cover. At first glance, she resembles a bit of Ayumi Hamasaki but her face is just facing sidewards and with those outfit, she looks fabulous rather than wearing a long black gown.


1. Virgin’s high!
3. Virgin’s high! (instrumental)
4. kicks! (instrumental)

I'll give a review later when I got to listen to the long versions of these songs... My aim is to get the mp3 later so that I can evaluate them as early as I can... haha! Well I just hope I could get the mp3s later (like what I did in Naraku no Hana). So that I will be the first Filipino to have the mp3 and evaluate!

The one thing that I won't get excited about this single is it's PV (Promotional Video). Why? I'll quote aibublog's catch phrase "It's just pure MELL weirdness". Yes, when I saw the 35-second preview for the kicks! PV, I felt the same. O_O Well then, til later then!


  1. OMFG Mell's outfit is soooo cool gyah whyWHYWHYYY?!!!! *is unexplainable awe*

    If MELL spells weirdness, then I am not surprised why you like her, oni. xDD I'll probably like her too if I get more info on her. ^___^

  2. yeah, she looks awesome with that outfit... I'd prefer that rather than the one that she wore in Proof/no vain cover.

    ahaha yes I like weird songs/videos nyahaha! you got me! XP well you'll like her too eventually but of course, Mami Kawada will still be #1 in my heart... xD

    MELL is #3... xD