Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi!

sentiment: just fine (but I'm a bit hungry!)
harmony: "Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi!" by KOTOKO

Sorry if my review was a little late than usual... I was busy with some things so I wasn't able to make a review. And here goes nothing...

Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi! is KOTOKO's 9th maxi single produced by I've Sound under Geneon Entertainment. The title track was used as the 2nd opening theme for the anime series Hayate no Gotoku!. A possible english translation of the title track is "The vicissitudes of life supremacy rule" which means the rule of not giving up even after multiple failures. If you want to listen to the songs, here's a widget:

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Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi! is a very upbeat song which has a tempo between 160-185 bpm. So fast that it keeps you on the going specially if you're in the highway. A song that has some touches of techno and euro-beat since it's so fast. This is gotta be one of C.G mix's greatest work (he's the one who composed and arranged this song) and it's a very refreshing opener (for an anime). This song, I think, is considered as semi-denpa since it is hyperactive and with some cuteness in KOTOKO's voice in performing this song but not as hyperactive as Princess Bride! and Princess Brave! which are absolutely denpa songs. Probably one of KOTOKO's greatest song this year which is a must-have for any KOTOKO fans like me.

scene, on the other hand, is a bit on the down side. It slowens your mood which is quite opposite to the first song but the song is still good compared to the B-side of her previous single Naki Takattanda. I didn't like Naki Takattanda from the start because I find the song a bit boring and very downbeat plus her voice is not attractive for a ballad because she used a very squeaky voice in singing that song which she only does in her denpa songs. Going back, scene is a pop-rock track which is a bit unusual for KOTOKO and yet her vocals is powerful which makes it a pretty nice track to listen but I'd still prefer the first song.

Overall, I give it a 4/5 since I like Shichiten hakki☆Shijou shugi! very much nyahaha! A great single -- a must-have for every KOTOKO fans! xD

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