Friday, October 19, 2007

New Layout Finished!

sentiment: happy & delighted
harmony: "Merry Go Round" by Mai Hoshimura

Yaayy!! At last I'm finished with my new layout! And here it is!! A combination of red and black color with the Flame Hazes and Denizens (Guze no Tomogara) facing each other!! xD To date, this is my second Shakugan no Shana layout that I made but the difference of that is, it's just Yuuji and Shana with red as its main color. This might not be the best layout that I made but I worked hard for this specially for the headers... xD it may look simple but it's a bit hard of a work.

I definitely love swirls!! X) that's why I included some in my finishing touches with the layout... hehe... The actual picture of this is a bit rough that's why I have to repair and thought of some brilliant ideas on how to "hide" or "camouflage" those roughness. (1) The hand of the scientist (forgot his name) with the green hair (Denizen's position) is cutted. So I edited and "extended" some of its fingers so that it may look like a real hand. (2) Hecate's hair (Hecate is the one with the blue-green hair, white cap and cape beside Sydonay) is cut as well so I have to "hide" it as well. So I hide it with the navi bar... hehehe... xD That's basically it.

I made this last night but I didn't able to finish it with Dreamweaver last night since it was already 3am and I already need to sleep. Then I edited some parts of the layout again in Photoshop and edited the contents in the Dreamweaver. And then voila! I'm finished!

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  1. I wouldn't have noticed the flaws if you didn't point it out. Good job with the masking! ^__^b and yeah, I love how this looks like KoF for some reason. *SRSLY?!* *will get bricked*

    Hahaha! Sorry! It just looks like an arcade entrance for some reason. XD

    Omedetou, oni!

  2. hahaha I intended to do that since at least the visitors would be aware of its flaws beside its good appearance. And yeah, I like arcade that's why I made it an arcade mode style haha! haven't done that from my blogging history... XDD~

    thanks imouto! :D