Friday, October 19, 2007

A Good Thing, Indeed

sentiment: relieved
harmony: "See You ~Chiisana Eien~" by KOTOKO & MELL

This is a photo of me and my friend Jenny which was just taken September 29, 2007 outside Glorietta 2, Makati City (in one of the eateries nearby) for the farewell party of our dearest friend Kristina. Photo courtesy of Jenny. Sorry if I have to "steal" the pic, I don't have my own digicam or cellphone with camera (talk about cellphone poorness! =__=). In history, I think this is the second time that I posted a pic here in my blog. But why am I posting this pic? For what reason?

Well it's not just for reminiscing but it resembles good times. Glorietta 2 looks still great outside but have you heard in the news lately that this place exploded 1:30 this afternoon? O__O I haven't updated myself with the latest news but I heard that 8 died in the incident and 93 were wounded. The main cause of the incident is still yet to known for now. It's a good thing, we didn't went there since Jenny and I were planning to meet up there with Nikki-chan. It's a good thing, Jenny scheduled the meeting for next friday for the Sagashi Ateru 2: The Prisoners of Fate meeting. Yes, it's a movie that Jenny's working on. And me and Nikki-chan we're hired as the scriptwriters for the said movie and we're supposed to meet at Glorietta 4 (which is just 2 floors away from Glorietta 2) then transfer to Greenbelt (place next to Glorietta) to talk about something for the movie.

Just when I turned on the TV this afternoon, I can't help but to get shocked with the news. My face went... (O___O;) Then I messaged Jenny on her YM and said that it's a good thing that we didn't meet up today or else... Indeed it was surprising but it's a good thing our meeting was re-scheduled. xD But still, I feel sorry for those who got killed and wounded in the incident...

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Maybe that's the reason why I'm listening to See You right now... I'm still feeling the sorrow for those who got involved in the casualty.


  1. Eh? We were supposed to have a meeting? How come I didn't know about it? O_o *clings to oni*

    Still, it's a REALLY GOOD THING THAT WE DIDN'T MEET UP THAT DAY. I heard that the shockwave was so intense that it literally rocked the nearby places. I was with Martin that time and we got the news from one of his blockmates, who was actually in G2 that time. X___x Good thing she got out with only minor scratches.


    Anyhow, yeeeah... So we're going to have a meeting on Friday then. This reminds me, I don't have sis Kakurine's number. Hahah! That explains that. *completely forgot that I got myself a new mobile number* XD

    Please keep me informed, oni. I'll contact sis Kaku as well and inform her of my new number. ^^

  2. Uhmm actually the night before the incident, me and Jen talked about meeting at G4 with you then she'll call you in the morning that we will meet in the afternoon but Jen decided that we should do that next friday so it's a deal.

    Then yesterday, I was shocked about the news!! It's a good thing our plan of meeting there was re-scheduled to next friday.

    Sure i'll keep you updated. I'm sorry if I didn't inform you. I had no load that time... ~_~

  3. P.S. ~ I gave her your new number so if ever you'll get a call with a number beginning in 0927, that's gotta be Jen. ^__^

  4. Ahh I see. Tis my bad anyway for not taking the initiative to get important numbers. XDD~

    And it's alright! Kaw pa oni! :D

  5. It's a good thing your both safe! yummy, brother (para maiba naman :P LOL:)! I do believe there's a reason that you're still here.

    LESSON: We should learn to appreciate little things coming our way, right?

  6. @imouto>> haha wag ka mag-alala, ganyan din ako minsan eh... not paying much attention to important matters.. x__X

    @kapatid>> of course, i always appreciate every thing (either small or big) that comes my way. At least meron hahaha! di na mahalaga kung malaki or maliit. xD