Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've Been Very Generous

sentiment: a bit tired but I'm happy
harmony: "Genesis of Next" by globe

I don't know why but I've been pretty generous with Wikipedia and Gendou these days. I've been putting up new infos for Mami Kawada in Wiki and edited some info for the other I've Sound members specially to KOTOKO. If you'll see her page in wiki, she has already singles chronology just like what I did with Mami. And I created a page for "Love Planet Five" which, I think, deserves to have even if it's just brief description.

For gendou, I've been uploading (donating rather) mp3s much lately since it was requested in the request page by some other users. I can just standby to see and wait if anyone will donate mp3s but my inner conscience won't let me.. xD I don't know the reason why I kept uploading... or is it because I'm earning upload points (currently I already have 24 uploading points)? Nah, I'm just letting myself suffer if I donate mp3s for the sake of uploading points only. And another thing, it has been my SOP to always look the request page of Gendou to see if I can upload something. xD If I find something, grool!! If not, well better luck next time. =D

Lately, I've been keeping myself busy with these things since the forums that I am visiting are like, in hiatus. I mean, not much posts from other members so there's really nothing new to find out so I'm keeping myself busy with other things other than forums. Because to tell you the truth, waiting for the forum/s to have something new, I'll have to wait aeons until someone updated and I so wanted to update in the RP's but what can I do if I'm still the last poster?

Next mission for Wikipedia, I'll create an article for MOMO!! XDXD= I love MOMO as well even if she left the I've Sound a year ago. Her voice rocks! xD

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