Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More Mami Kawada Madness...

sentiment: still hyper (due to espresso brownie)
harmony: "Get my way!" (TV size) by Mami Kawada

Tonight is a verge of lucky and unlucky day for me but it still went smooth. Yeah, my school life isn't getting much better but I can still bearr with it. What makes my day, err I mean night brighter was I will be able to have all of Mami Kawada's songs all in one pack! As in! XD Yesh! I'm going to hear ROOTS of ROOTS finally! I'm getting pretty excited since I'm really curious about that song... And there's this question in my head that will be answered soon... "What is the difference of the Roots (in her SEED album) and the ROOTS of ROOTS? XD= silly question isn't it?

And I didn't know IMMORAL had an instrumental & karaoke version!? *shocked* Well I searched for it's instrumental version a few months ago but to no avail really and there really is!? Ahh yesh!!!! Maybe I'll be able to have a song rendition of IMMORAL!? Sung by me?? Hahaha! Well if ever I'm going to do that, I'm not gonna release that in public because: 1) I'm too shy to promote that; and 2) My singing voice is not that good. So in short, I'll just keep it by myself and keep it as a memento haha! =P

And I'll be able to hear songs that Mami and Eiko performed as Healing Leaf. I don't have plans on listening into this but might as well listen after I download the whole thing. But it may take quite a while since I'm downloading it via BitTorrent and it has an approximate total size of 700MB and so sad, few are only seeding it. =_= I'm currently on it's 11%... garsshh 89% more to go...

Get my way! her 4th maxi single will be out next week, August 8, 2007! Hahaha! I'm getting excited since this is another genre for her... more on the rock side and this is the first time that I saw Mami Kawada playing the electric guitar!? O_o I was really surprised to know that she can play the electric guitar but one word has came to my head that time... K-E-W-L-~!! =D

here's the single cover for get my way:

Get my way! single cover

I'd say, this is one of her unusual taste or style of dressing but IMHO, it suits her and it just portray that she can wear something like that (even if it is unusual) because most of her outfits that I found natural for her to wear are tube and other dresses like the one in Akai Namida/Beehive single cover. And this has definitely a grungy feeling which I'd say is unique. Glad that she is trying different styles for her. ^_^

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  1. I like her better that way. *points to album cover* She's so kawaii! ^o^