Thursday, August 02, 2007

Where it all began... XD a big LOL!

sentiment: extremely very HAPPY!! (^_^)
harmony: "ROOTS of ROOTS" by Mami Kawada

Oh yesh!! At long last I already have me copy of Mami Kawada's ROOTS of ROOTS!!!! XDXD= *jumps for happiness* After 10 years of searching for this mp3, I already got my hands on it!!! xD *shimmering eyes* And I can answer my silly question nee? *refers to the post before this*

"Well what exactly is/are the difference/s of Roots to ROOTS of ROOTS?"

If you're gonna look at it, it really looks the same except of course ROOTS of ROOTS is where it all began lolz. Does it even answered the question? xD~ *spamming spree again* Just kidding... Not much differences but ROOTS of ROOTS is more techno and with more hints of eurobeat. More intense and of course, much longer. Roots is only 4:13 while ROOTS of ROOTS is 5:46 which makes the latter 93 seconds longer. If you want to here it too, please go here.

I missed basking in my techno side. xD And I really love this. Plus I already got me copy of the Instrumental and Karaoke version of IMMORAL! XDXD= now I can do my song rendition haha! Just kidding. =P up next will be the instrumental and karaoke version of eclipse and Wind and Wander. xD can't wait for it... xD damn those seeders they only seed the torrent when it's already night here!! @@


  1. Once the roots extend, forming the roots of the roots, then that root will lengthen. Thus, it gives us more song length, which we now see as ROOTS of ROOTS. *DESK* *is in state of crack*

    I like Roots of Roots better than Roots. ^^;

  2. hahaha me too!!! I also like ROOTS of ROOTS!! more techno = more <3