Wednesday, August 01, 2007

At Long Last...

Urgghh... before I'm going to post my main course, I would just spam here in my blogger!!! *jump* ermm of course, in my Multiply since it's been crossposted. xD I just wanted to celebrate because I was able to understand the Simplex Method from our Quantitative Class!! For pitt's sake, although it's Math it made my brain sticking in the ground just by analyzing it. The process can be too complicated like in my case, I wasn't able to follow when it was first discussed into our class. Who would've understand such lessons when you suddenly fell asleep because of the silence and coldness of the suroundings?! o_O But my suffering is over, at long last I was able to understand that "e-schupid" lesson of ours. Haha! I won't bother explaining it in here or portray how to do it as you know, many of my friends here hate Math, and it's like when they see arithmetic equations, they'll nosebleed in an instant. XD~ And goes crazy *nyaaarrr*.

Just kidding. LOL~ (matamaan na ang mga matamaan! may topak ako ngaun! XD~)

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