Monday, July 30, 2007

So Much For Fanlisting

sentiment: my head hurts
harmony: "19sai" by Shikao Suga

*Nyyyaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh* I'm getting a lot of headache these days specially when I'm looking at the installation instruction of Enthusiast, a tool for making fanlistings. Yeah call me a despearte but I really wanted to make a fanlisting for Mami Kawada! *grumbles* But that script is way beyond my limit and is about to made its way to the end of my nerves! =__= darn it! I thought I was gonna finish this soon but it leaves me a migraine and my tummy growling. I'm getting hungry... I need something to eat...

The only accomplishment that I did for Mami Kawada was her fansite (courtesy of môi) but the sad thing is, I still don't have my own domain so I still depend on free web hosters... O__O As you know, I'm just a poor guy who still cannot afford to buy/maintain his own domain. And just thinking of the new web terms that I met today like MySQL, database, etc. *uggghhhh* it makes my head hurts... I hope I can cope up with this.

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