Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The True Gray

sentiment: all gray
harmony: "no vain" by MELL

This post was supposed to be posted last night but demeet the electricity was out last night due to a nearby fire. It affected us not knowing that the other part of the Soldiers' Hills Village wasn't affected with the black-out. o__o

The vision was all dark. Not to mention I can barely see myself as I was all gray. As in literally, all gray - gray shirt, gray shorts, gray slippers and don't ask about the color of my underwear. It's also gray. XD I'd say it was a big coincidence and I didn't noticed it at first. I just noticed it when the black-out occured.

Tough luck, it lasted more or less 12 hours so the electricity came back at 8am probably because when I woke up, the electric fan's already on. Who knows?

Lately, I downloaded the DivX Author 1.5 so that I will learn how to edit a movie the DivX way and it's a good thing it was a bit easy for me. ^__^ I need to download or search for a serial code somewhere!! The software will expire on the next 30 days. Oh my bad, my bad. I should purchase the product but what can I do? *shows wallet* I have no money... and yet I want to learn how to edit a movie! TT__TT I need to look for a serial code ASAP... and seriously! I have published one movie and I uploaded it in the DivX and it was still subject for approval... xD I made a karaoke version of Beehive by Mami Kawada. Oohhh~ I'm really getting addicted with this song that's why I made one for it. xD I hope it will be approved in no time. XD


  1. haha. natawa ako dun.. all-gray. naks. =3 wow. kesow, ang galing mu naman sa ganyan.. mi karaoke version pa yung song. :D

  2. LOL. I love the title of this post oni. XD

  3. @kesow>> yeah I'm all gray... natawa nga rin ako nung napansin ko eh.. gray nga rin pala ung tsinelas ko... xD kaya tlgang all-gray.. xD

    @imouto>> yay thanks imouto! wahuhu.. XD=