Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Discovering Phase

sentiment: curious
harmony: "Romancing Train" by move

Before anything else, I just wanted to say that this will no longer be a dramatic post. And yeah, I recovered somehow and I'm happy now. Specially awhile ago because I was able to increase Xianghua's position ranking in the Conquest Mode. XD She is now a Platinum Colonel of the Cerberus with 477 wins and 150 loses. XD haha thank goodness, and I was able to gain more confidence using her because I won when someone challenged me using Nightmare the cheater. Haha!

Now let's start with the spamming again. XD~ I just realized that the time for discovering something new (for me) always come to the unexpected time. Now what am I up to these days? Gackt. YES, you read it correctly, Gackt the rocker. I know to some of you reading this post, this is not something new but for me, it is new. Definitely new since I am more concentrating on trance, techno, ballad musics most of the time just like what I am listening to right now - a mixture of euro-techno trance and used as an ending theme for the anime series Final Fantasy Unlimited. Yeah, move rocks! xD Going back to Gackt, I find his songs rather interesting although rock music is not always in my vocabulary but I'll have to try. ^_^ I also find his single/album covers VERY unique and artistic. And that made me interested on trying him. I listened to Lu:Na just now... Not bad... It's not heavy rock so I kinda like it... Just right for my rock taste. Next time, I will be listening more of his singles when I get the chance. ^_^

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