Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too much problems these days...

sentiment: lonely
harmony: "The Force of Love" by Lia

I know the readers are a bit fed up of my dramatic posts but sorry, it's inevitable this time. So please bear with me. I just wanted to share what happened 2 days ago...

It was a fine Sunday afternoon, when my cousin called to make a favor -- make her a movie out of her pics in Friendster. And being kind, I agreed but I didn't know that she wants to create 4 movies in one sitting!? No kidding. And so we started this by 3pm and we finished this at 9pm. I'd say, it's fine with me if she wants me to create a movie for her but not that too much nee? And that's where the problem rooted.

Just when my cousin went home, my father asked me what did we do since the PC's been working for 8 hours already (I opened it 1pm but my cousin arrived at 3pm). Of course, I said the real reason behind it but what intimidates me is that he ignored it! Instead he started pouting about how we wasted our electricity and he told me on how much I "enjoyed" on wasting the electricity which he finds hard since he has difficulty on how to pay the electric bills. That's when I started to get annoyed. How come I "enjoyed" that deed when it's not for me? And if it weren't for my cousin, the PC would've been shutted down to rest a couple of hours ago. I told my dad that I just did that so that we could finish it in one blowing but instead of listening to my reason, he still insisted his reasoning. He shouted at me and it really made me angry that I made tantrums.

After a while, he asked me why I did that. Of course, I was already intimidated and that he could talk to me in a proper manner with no shouting and slang words and that's where he acted like a monster and pulled me a few times away (of course, I'm only 100lbs. so I can be easily caried away) with his hands then he asked (actually he was shouting like mad that time) me why did I ade tantrums. "Why? Are you fighting me?" He angrily said but I just kept on glaring at him. "Answer!" I still have no answer. "Answer or else..." I was a bit scared at that time so I stuttered a bit and shouted, "You're already shouting, so I'm shouting too!" Then he slapped (take note "slapped" not punched! Ohh~ what a gurly thing to do~ oh my bad my bad~) me but my mom came out of the room to stop the fight and my sisters tried to stop but my father's still angry.

I'm cutting the story there. The endline of that story is that my dad let me stayed in our room and my mom because he doesn't want to see me glaring at him that time. In the room, my older sister congratulated me for being courageous of answering back to my father. It was good although it was my 1st time to fought back. Why did I fought back? Because I find his reasoning and listening skills very VERY poor. I wouldn't be fighting if I was the wrong one, but in the eyes all people, I think I just did the right stuff. To you, mr./ms. reader of my blog, do you think what I did is just correct? why or why not? Justify.

Follow-up -- because I was mad at my dad, I didn't talked and blessed to him yesterday to show him my anger. But he should be thanking me because my anger only lasts 24 hours. But definitely there will be revenge in the future. That I will guarantee. *ebiilll* XD

Another thing, it looks like my computer time will be not the way I used to have. I think I'll be like a mushroom for a while but nonetheless, I'll still check the net but in the nighttime only.

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