Wednesday, July 11, 2007

An Unexpected Failure

sentiment: frustrated
harmony: "Beehive" by Mami Kawada

*kuyashii* I still failed the Product & Operations Management quiz after all the effort that I put into it... =_= drat! Specially the last question, if only I showed a solution tehe, I would've got 25 points but I ended up having 15 points for an incomplete answer. I was so intimidated because it was just a common sense answer that's why I answered it quickly. Either way, it will be the answer and yet, aarrrggghhh~! It feels like I want to explode in shards. @_@

But even if that's the case, I still won't give up and will study hard since our lesson awhile ago was a bit simple because it's just include simple average and mean. It's just like Statistics so it's not something complicated that will swirl my mind into loop.

Things didn't turned out fine today really. I was caught up in the brisk rain awhile ago before I arrived at our house. Then there was this spamming boom in the Vindicta forums. I warned those posters to moderate their post and don't stray off the topic and it looks like I was strict. One said that I should be more lenient with them since it's not like the other forums who are strict about spamming. HELLER!? I was being lenient because I haven't PM'd and warned them of their offenses. I was just reminding them of their off-topic conversations because they have done that more than twice already. And as a moderator, of course, I should take some precautionary actions but the outcome is that I was a strict person. Oh well, we have our own perceptions, I guess. But I won't take that as an offensive. I just want to let it out of my head right now since it's like in Tagalog nakokonsensya ako sa ginawa ko.


  1. Bad day too? This is just too great, we really have the same wavelength even with bad days. X_x

    I feel like a complete wuss everytime I get a wrong answer for simple quizzes. Tis so hard to cleanse it out of my system. Anyway, mistakes are elements of learning too. So let it be a lesson for you. ^___^

    ...been there, and I should do the same... but... fart I am having the hardest time.

    You were caught in the rain too? The worst part that it brought me was flood. Yes, the streets were omgvery flooded and I had to charge through the water. Deym that was cold.

    Lastly, you hold the right to warn them. It's not like you flamed them or harassed the heck out of them, right? What's a single warning compared to their multiple spamming spree? You're just doing your job, and you shouldn't feel bad or conscious about doing what you think is right. If you ask me, it's a reasonable action.

    So there. Hope you feel better now oni~ *snuggles* Imouto-chan wavshew! ^___^

  2. yeah, I just noticed that we both have a bad day awhile ago there.

    Yes I learned something but I was just frustrated that he kept on saying that most of us used magic to answer those and that we came up with such answer. In my case, it was just a plain answer since I already proved something in the previous question that is connected to the next question. Then he marked it wrong!? O_O common sense na lang un! hmph! kaasar!

    yes, I was caught in the rain for the nth time already. =__= how wrong timing! >_<

    about the spamming spree, sinabi ko lang naman na wag masyado magpost na walang kinalaman sa topic, ako pa lumabas na masyado daw akong mahigpit!? o_O I'm being more lenient and yet that person told me to be more lenient the way I used to be?! HELLER!? Pag ginawa ko un, eh di parang hindi na rin ako nagmoderate right!? I'm sorry if that person is reading this right now but it's wrong to be SO LENIENT all the time!

  3. weeeh.. REally? kapatid? you warned them and yet your the one who acts like too strict?! I havent visit the vindicta forums for a long time now.. so I don't have any idea on what's going on there.

    Anywayz.. that's their fault! You are only doing your job.

    hehe.. speaking of that rain. I was caught up in the rain too in afternoon when I was about to go home. I left my umbrella at home. SO i was bit worried especially, that I had gone sick for the past few days that time.

    good thing the rain didn't stay up that long.

    Cheer up! Kapatid! You'll get through this rain!