Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happiness despite of despair

sentiment: I was badtrip awhile ago but I'm happy now.
harmony: "I'm Alive" by Ayana

Wow today is really a stressful annd a bit depressing day for me. It's good that I'm still on the going that's why I was able to suppress the feeling. Well I'm still alive and I can still do what I want/need to do so no reason to be down. Back at school, I was able to chat with Kyra (I still want to spell that as "Kira", Marikit-chan! If you're reading this!!) with some things that she needs to know at the very least. My storytelling was cut when 3:00 PM arrives and we both have classes.

At Quantitative Techniques class, I suddenly fell asleep because I find the topic (for today) was boring because it was complicating my sorry eyes and mind. I fell asleep for a few minutes and was asked by my classmate on how did a certain part in the equation arrived to the answer. Well of course, I can't pretend that I know the answer so I just shook my head since I don't know. And yeah, I wasn't able to follow all what my prof taught. Better luck next time. XD

Later at Business Law 2, my classmates forced persuaded me to go down and skip classes but I was not in the mood to follow them (I was dismayed at their faces just by looking at them) since I was looking forward to the class but they kept on forcing me. What I did is I followed them downstairs but instead of going down till the first floor, I dropped by the 2nd floor and pretended to go to the restroom. And I waited there for 2 minutes then went outside and back to the Rm 313. No one was there except for me. I told myself I'm gonna wait until the professor arrives. But you know what? I ended up being the loser because the professor really didn't arrive after waiting for 30 friggin' minutes. Before I went out of school, I finished my assignment for Productions & Operations Management (POM) which was about Decision theory and the Decision tree. I was able to finish it in no time but it was kinda frustrating that I studied for the Business Law 2 and yet the professor didn't arrive?! Ahh... f**king freak, gimme a break.

Then I went to the TimeZone to relieve my stress depression after all what happened. After about 30 minutes of playing, I went home. I was not feeling that good and I don't wanna get mad that's why I slomped myself in front of the PC and surfed all the way. Then I was able to watch & download the 1st episode of Nanatsuiro Drops which made my day complete. I was excited to download it and it's a good thing Veoh has it already.

In the end, I am still happy at least I was able to recover fast than I expected. xD~ Maybe that's the power of an inspired loner! XP haha just kidding. At least, I'm getting more used to it and there are still people who are nice and understands me and that I am thankful. ^^v

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