Wednesday, July 04, 2007

7 Random Facts About Me

sentiment: just fine
harmony: "D-THREAD" by MOMO

I just got home and was surprised to see that I was tagged by my beloved vamp sibling mana'mana urumi-chan! xD Thus I will do the same. xD


Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about himself/herself. People who are tagged need to explain the 7 random facts/habits about themselves in their blogs. Then in turn, they need to choose 7 people to tag and list their names at the end of their blogs. The player needs to visit their sites too and inform them (say, by leaving a comment) that they have been tagged and that they need to read your (the player’s) blog to find out more about it.

Seven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I so love veggies. xD If you will know how much I love veggies, that is how much I hate fruits at the same time. xD

  2. I'm an I've Sound fan since early 2006. My first I've favorite singer was KOTOKO then Lia and Mami Kawada. But now, Mami Kawada is on my #1 list, 2nd is Lia (also LIA), 3rd is KOTOKO and MOMO. 4th are MELL and Ayana. 5th (but not least) is Eiko Shimamiya and Kaori Utatsuki.

  3. I'm planning to enlarge my anime/jpop collection into 3,000 songs. I'm still halfway though.

  4. I am meticulous when it comes to anime. I only want to watch animes that are rare or still unknown to many otakus. The reason? It's because I want to be unique and different. Once I know that anime is already "taken", okay... I won't touch it. Instead, I'll just read a review about it.

  5. I have two blogs, 1 in blogger which is Radiant Tomorrow and in Tabulas which is A Perfect Sky.

  6. At my age now, I still love milk and milky foods. xD I feel at ease when I drink milk. It helps stimulate my arteries & veins to keep me on going. XD~ I like coffee too but I only drink it once a day during no-school days.

  7. This one is true. I hate it when it people says that I get thinner and that I should eat more so that I will get some weight. Yes I am thin and slim but it doesn't mean that I don't eat. I'm not anorexic. If you will know how "PG" I am when it comes to food, you would take your words back.

Ahh yes. I think this is enough but of course there's still more about me aside from this 7 random facts. Now for the tagging portion, I will now tag, Martin, Eunice, Rei-chan, JoCa and the others who are willing to try this out. xD~


  1. I am a witness to number 7. Note Yellow Cab. xD

  2. yeah you're one of my witnesses... xD haha! buti na lang may proof na ako ng pagiging PG... xD