Monday, July 02, 2007

Shining stars bless☆ single

sentiment: a bit bored
harmony: "Shining stars bless☆ (preview)" by Kaori Utatsuki

Now I'm gonna promote again wahaha! I'm doing this for the nth time. Anyways...

Shining stars bless☆

Shining stars bless☆ single; 1st Maxi Single
Release Date: August 1, 2007; Nanatsuiro Drops Opening Theme


  1. Shining stars bless☆
  2. I'm home -unplugged-
  3. Shining stars bless☆ (instrumental)
  4. I'm home -unplugged- (instrumental)

Now what is my impression in this single? I think it is suited and great as an opening theme for Nanatsuiro Drops since the anime is a magical girl and romance genre. I haven't heard "I'm home" but I assume it's a ballad song and she will be using her guitar strings again since it's an unpluggd version. I think I'm gonna like the single but what I don't like is that KOTOKO still made the lyrics for her songs instead of herself. I know she's still new in releasing singles but MELL and Mami Kawada were the ones who wrote the lyrics for their songs for their singles. But nonetheless, I still like the music though. I hope she will improve in her next single - that she will write her own songs since it's her maxi single not KOTOKO's. I'm not against that, but at least she will learn to write and compose her songs just like Mami Kawada and MELL did. ^^

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