Friday, July 06, 2007

Fred, The Rain and the Cockroach

sentiment: a bit cold
harmony: "Onaji Sora no Shita de (Mixed up ver.)" by Mami Kawada

Today was a cold and miserable day for me, well part of it was my negligence of not bringing an umbrella with me knowing it is already rainy season here in the Philippines. School sucks too specially when receiving a "20" grade quiz. *kuyashiii* Oh well, I think I'll be able to uplift my grade since I did well in the 2nd quiz awhile ago.

Bad luck came when it started raining very strong while me and my friend Michelle was on our way home. We're already in the jeep when the rain suddenly bursted. Worst of luck is that I didn't bring an umbrella... but it's a good thing that I brought my jacket (in case of entering the "freezer" classrooms) and I have my good ol' cap with me. With that, I ventured to the rain and make my way to the covenience & drug stores to buy some necessities. When I came out, the rain was becoming worst by the minute so I decided to wait for it to chill down.

It's a good timing since my father texted me to stay where I am when the rain is still on its mad hour. And yeah, he was asking me where I am and I don't have any credits left in my phone. So no choice, I'll have to buy me load even for just P15.00 (it didn't last long though). But when I was in the cashier of the convenience store, a cockroach suddenly jumped down on me from the ceiling. I was surprised and got itchy for a second back there but I was able to wipe it away from me. My heart's beating a bit fast due to the surprise attack but I didn't let it beat me so I stomped on it. *crispy sound* and it died.

After almost an hour, the rain managed to calm down a bit so I used the opportunity to cross the street and went special on my way home even though my wallet ached because of the special ride. It costs P24 for student and P30 for regular fare and it's not that worth it since it's not that far but for the sake that I am avoiding sickness, I paid for it.

Oh and before the day ends, I just want to post here my newest Mami Kawada signature. XD~

Mami Kawada

It may look simple for others but it's really one of my Mami Kawada masterpiece nyahaha! Since it's really hard to find a decent pic/image of her in the net. xD~

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  1. asawa ko ito yung list ng songs na pinapburn ko sa hachimitsu to kurooba:
    Opening themes
    1. "Dramatic" (ドラマチック) (First season, episodes 1 - 24)
    Lyrics and performance: YUKI, arrangement and music: Kouichi Tsutaya.
    2. "Fugainaiya" (ふがいないや) (Honey and Clover II, second season, episodes 1 - 12)
    Lyrics and performance: YUKI, music: Kouichi Tsutaya, arrangement: YUKI, Kenji Tamai, Atsushi Yuasa.
    Ending themes
    1. "Waltz" (ワルツ) (First season, episodes 1 - 12 + 24)
    Arrangement and performance: Suneohair, lyrics and music: Kenji Watanabe.
    2. "Mistake" (First season, episodes 13-23)
    Performance: THE BAND HAS NO NAME, music: Tamio Okuda, lyrics: Shinichi Yaguma.
    3. "Split" (スプリット) (Honey and Clover II, second season, episodes 1 - 12)
    Arrangement and performance: Suneohair, lyrics and music: Kenji Watanabe.

    [edit] Insert songs
    First season:

    Episode 1: Hachimitsu (ハチミツ) by Spitz
    Episode 2: 8-gatsu no Serenade (8月のセレナーデ) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 3: Tsuki to Knife (月とナイフ) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 4: Nami Hikari (波光) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 7: Tamagawa (多摩川) by Spitz
    Episode 10: Sakana (魚) by Spitz
    Episode 13: Sorosoro Ikanakucha (そろそろいかなくちゃ) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 14: Y by Spitz
    Episode 15: Yoru wo Kakeru (夜を駆ける) by Spitz
    Episode 18: Yubikiri (ユビキリ) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 19: Ougon no Tsuki (黄金の月) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 22: Tsuki ni Kaeru (月に帰る) by Spitz
    Episode 23: Room 201 by Suga Shikao
    Episode 24: Spica (スピカ) by Spitz
    Honey and Clover II, second season:

    Episode 1: Nakayoshi (仲良し) by Spitz
    Episode 2: Pool (プール) by Spitz
    Episode 3: Koko ni Iru Koto (ココニイルコト) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 4: Honoho (ほのほ) by Spitz
    Episode 5: Je t'aime (ジュテーム) by Spitz
    Episode 6: HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Suga Shikao
    Episode 7: Natsukage (夏陰~なつかげ~) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 8: Ringo Juice (リンゴ・ジュース) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 9: Kazenagi (風なぎ) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 10: Namida (涙) by Spitz
    Episode 11: Futari no Kage (ふたりのかげ) by Suga Shikao
    Episode 12: Inaka no Seikatsu (田舎の生活) by Spitz

    Theme song
    Mahō no Kotoba (魔法のコトバ, Mahō no Kotoba?) (performance: Spitz)

    [edit] Insert songs
    Aozora Pedal (performance: Arashi, lyrics and composition: Suga Shikao)
    Opera Wally: Sayonara, Furasato no ie yo (さよならふるさとの家よ, Sayonara, Furasato no ie yo?) (composition: Alfredo Catalani)

    thanks po talaga ng marami.. 2 copies po nyan ah..