Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spiral = no vain!?

sentiment: euphoric
harmony: "no vain" by MELL

Yeah! I'm almost finish Spiral ~ Suiri no Kizuna. xD I have downloaded 24 episodes and there's one more episode to go. xD Although I know that this will have an unsatisfactory ending but I'm still excited of what will happen in the last episode. I guess I have to download it's last episode ASAP. xD= getting addicted with it.

Speaking of addiction and legal tranquilizers, I still haven't got fed up or saturated with MELL's no vain ... xD I don't know but maybe it's just right for me. xD I'm quite frustrated that I wasn't the first to post the video so I haven't got the most comments for the video. T__T 2 other no vain PVs got the more feedbacks. >_< oww... but there's still Veoh... but I highly doubt that they will comment because my Beehive PV didn't got any comments and that's the only video of Beehive available in Veoh. Errm... oh well... good luck on next video upload.

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