Sunday, June 24, 2007


sentiment: laughing
harmony: "Anata ga Ita Mori" by Jukai

This post was supposed to be posted last night but thanks to my sister who used the internet for such a short time *with sarcasm*. You might be thinking that this post might be pure tagalog no? Well, not quite. I just quoted that statement by my classmate who was not in her right state. Yeah, she's kinda stupid sometimes although I'm stupid too at times. :P So I'm gonna share this funny thought of mine to you, mr./ms. blog-reader. xD

It started like this, it was our class in Industrial & Agriicultural Marketing, and I was like 45 minutes late? o_O; well, don't blame me. Blame those shit buses in the way. Anyway, going back, our prof was teaching us all about the agricultural business and the history of Don Manolo Blvd. (a street in Alabang Hills Village where our school is located) that it was a large field in the past years. Until it came to the point where I was asked about what industry will I enter in the future? I answered I'm into food/garment retailing while one of my classmates mentioned the exotic foods like the horse and not to mention the kalabaw or carabao.

Then, 'that' particular classmate of mine said that she doesn't want cara-beef because it was "amoy-hayop" (in English, it smells like animal) and tough. My prof was kind of laughing too! Because logically speaking, Carabao is an animal right? Of course, it would smell like an animal! I was laughing at the moment too because of her stupidity... X3 warui, warui! haha! But really it was funny if you could only witness it. xD haha! But of course, she clarified that cara-beef has an unpleasant odor that she can't take and explain. Or maybe, she was pertaining to masangsang nee? Maybe, who knows when you don't know what is she talking about. She's like telling us basta! ganun mabaho talaga... so who would know?

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