Friday, June 22, 2007

Being An I've Geek

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I just noticed that these past few days, I was just concentrating on finding an information about the I've Girls. I wonder why... but you know what? I felt excited while providing informations in Wikipedia with the informations/data that they don't know yet which of course, I already know. Yeah, I'm being a very keen of viewing infos about the I've members specifically Mami Kawada and MELL. I just found out that MELL is also going to release another maxi single this August 29 entitled "Virgin's high!" which will be used as an opening theme for the anime "Sky Girls". Yeah, both her and Mami-sama are getting promotions lately and that's good to hear since I like both of them. ^^,

Not only that, I also managed to gave info about
Kaori Utatsuki in Wikipedia (English) too! ^^, I just want to provide some good and juicy info about her because as I see it, it's really unfair that she didn't got any info since she's going to release her 1st maxi single this coming August 1. And the most proud accomplishment for today, I was able to improve and "beautify" the infos about Mami Kawada in Wikipedia! And that, I'm proud of myself! ^^,

By the way, (I'm just going to share it) this coming month of August, there will be a lot of singles by I've that I am going to download. All the wednesdays (except August 15) will have a single release by the I've Girls. Here's the list:

"Shining Stars Bless" - Kaori Utatsuki (Aug.1)
"Get my way!" -
Mami Kawada (Aug.8)
"Naraku no Hana" -
Eiko Shimamiya (Aug.22)
"Virgin's high!" -
MELL (Aug.29)

My anime/jpop playlist will multiply again! *jumps for excitement* I'm excited for the "Get my way!" and "Virgin's high!" single! I do hope that it will be August so that I can hear them!!! XD

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