Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I want to cosplay!!!

Feeling: Perked Up
Currently Listening To: "FLY TO THE TOP" by MELL

yay! whenever I listen to this song, I feel like I'm going to be hyper for the whole time that I'm going to use the PC.xD That's why if you can see, I feel perked up right now. The tune and voice are also perky and hyper (although it's a song for Eroge) that's why it affects my mood. "FLY TO THE TOP! Hateshinaku!" *awwoooh* I love perky trance-techno! <3

Anyways, seeing the cosplayers last saturday in the toy convention makes me want to cosplay too... xD But as you know, I'm trying my best to earn money because I want to experience how to be a cosplayer just this once. xD My first cosplay was not that something big because it's more of a costume party. I am planning to join the Hero Con Cosplay Competition this coming autumn and I'm planning to cosplay Black Jack. Yes, the greatest surgeon in the world. xD~ But I'm still having problems with the clothes, hair and of course, with his face. As you can see, he has a scar on his face. Not to mention, I also have a problem with the hair. But I hope that time my hair would be long enough.

I hope this plan will continue because I desperately want to experience cosplaying!! xD I'm willing to take all the risk as long as I can experience a good cosplay competition... xD


  1. Wow Kuya Fred! Si Dr. BJ pa napili mong i-cosplay! Gud luck pow! Hehe, sana pag nagawa mo na sya, gusto kong makita XD

  2. hahaha plano pa lang naman sya pro of course, if you'll ask me, gusto ko talaga siya ituloy. And I'm earning for it right now. xD~ sure! I'll post pics here if ever natuloy ako or I'll post it in my multiply account... ^__^

  3. I want to cosplay too!!! As in!! I really, really, really want to cosplay!! Hahaha!! I wanted to start with something simple, like a uniform of some anime school (so I could most probably do it with a couple of friends.. wahaha) let me know if you have plans for a group cosplay! sali ako! hahaha

  4. @nicole>> that's a nice idea! ako rin I want to start w/ something simple for cosplaying pro wla ako maisip kung ano... Well I'm not still sure with Dr. BJ cosplay thingy since the cosplay is still after a few months...^^ sure sali ka pag naisipan namin maggroup cosplay! ^^