Monday, June 18, 2007

Mami Kawada's Upcoming 4th Maxi Single!

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Yes! Mami Kawada is getting promotions and getting famous lately... xD Good for her because she has the talent, guts and of course, she deserves it! I just visited on her main website (
川田まみ : GENEON OFFICIAL WEB SITE) and saw on the "News" part that in August 8, 2007 she will release her 4th maxi single entitled 「Get my way!」 and it will be used as the 2nd ending theme for my favorite anime series Hayate no Gotoku! xD Yay! I'm uber excited right now!!! I want it!! I want it!!!!!! I WANT IT ALREADY!!!! XD *jumps* but for Mami Kawada, I will patiently wait for that single to be released... xD I wonder which song will get the PV... That I will find out too soon! xD For now, there's still no single cover but once I found out that the single cover's out, I will post it here. ^___^

But in fairness, it's release date is just close to the release date of the opening theme of Nanatsuiro Drops (which is the Shining Star Bless) by Kaori Utatsuki, a co-I've member. And it will release earlier than the "Naraku no Hana", the opening theme for the horror anime series, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai which will be performed by Eiko Shimamiya, also a co-I've member. Why am I wondering? Because I discovered the release date for Naraku no Hana first than Get My Way! I just found it odd but nonetheless, I'm still excited for them! And in fairness again, KOTOKO has no upcoming single for now... I guess Mami Kawada is getting really famous in the I've now and that makes me happy. Well KOTOKO is still the most famous but I hope that there will come the time that KOTOKO and Mami Kawada will be equal in popularity, if you know what I mean. xD

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