Monday, June 18, 2007

The Living Hell

Feeling: Relieved
Currently Listening To: "Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi" by Love Planet Five ~I've Special Unit~

Yay! Just got back home from our cousin's house in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I was kinda relieved I got back home and I'll be able to post here in my beloved blog! *huggles bloggy* I missed this! *huggles more* Well I was glad that my mom & I will keep my cousin company while her grandma (which is not a blood-related grandma since it was from his father's side) but our stay there ended up rather dead boring. When we arrived there yesterday, we dropped off his grandma at Balic-balic, Sampaloc, Manila where she will stay for her scheduled general check up. Then we went back off to Sta. Rosa. When we arrived there, it was still kinda fine but there came a time that we didn't talked for long that it made me feel bored. And worst of all, I wasn't able to bring my mp3 player because my big sis borrowed it. And on top of that, I have no prepaid credits. Sore loser.

This morning, I woke up with a headache because I slept for 11 hours... yeah I overslept again. My cousin was not there since it was a school day leving me and my mom only in the house. It was really a living hell that it's so dead boring. The TV can only reach few channels and without channel 2. Crap... Aside from that, no entertainment was left. No radio, no computer no nothing. And I was expecting that my father will arrive early but he f*cked things up and arrived at evening. My mom and I were super bored to death because we can do nothing about it. I thought I was gonna die out there because of boredom but thankfully, I didn't.

And now, I just got back home and I'm really relieved that this day will finish peacefully. I missed listening to my playlist! XD Oh God, thank goodness I'm back. It sure is different if you're at somebody's home than in your own house. I'm just happy that I'm back here at our house.

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