Saturday, June 16, 2007

So Much For Myself

Feeling: Very Tired & Sleepy
Currently Listening To: "SHIFT -Sedai no Mukou-" by Lia

I now I'm stressing myself too much but I just wanted to post something before I go to slumber. Well why am I very tired and stressed? It's entirely my fault by cramming last night and did my Practicum Report. I slept for 3 hours and I haven't got a good sleep ever since. I'm used to cramming but of course it could be so strenuous specially today is a very busy day... for gimmmicks, that is. Well I can feel the drowsiness now but I can still hold on.

School life today was boring. The professor for our first class which is a major subject wasn't able to make it. So I'll have to wait for 3 hours for my next class. Well it's okay at least I was able to finish my weekly journal in my practicum report which is just handwritten. Financial Management class s*cks. It was a boring one and the prof is just not a so-so good prof.

Then after school, I went to SM Megamall to attend the Toy Convention and watched those who participated in the cosplay event. It also served as the 5th anniversary EB for GSG but it wasn't that useful and successful because I just saw and talked to Kakurine for a few moments then I just bought a hotdog sandwich and I never saw her again even when we decided to go home. We weren't able to talk about the clan & forum matters but it's okay at least I got to hang out with Rei-chan, Joie-chan, Pau-chan, XLi imouto and the others. Thanks to those whom I got to hang out with!

It was a short yet strenuous day for me but it went smoothly. And now I can go to sleep. *presses the remote control off*

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  1. I wasted 4 forkin' hours of my life waiting for professors who didn't come in the end. >_< Drat, I should have just gone to the toy con by then. /rant