Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fiery Week

Feeling: Tired
Currently Listening To: "Kanashimi no Mori" by Mami Kawada

Waah! The first week of school is very much full of surprises to me that me go "WAAHH!" First of all, the grading system for our school is now zero-based which means if you got 0 then it's 0 not 50. You shouldn't fail your quizzes/exams and always pass your effin' projects so that you can pass the subject. What the!? I can't cut my class anymore if that's the case... =__=

And my schedules are not that great plus I get OP'd again... It's like when I'm there, I felt like I didn't existed before them! hontou, hontou! Yes I felt like I was a ghost... Well I know I'm not talking but what will I talk about? When I can't relate into what they're talking about, yes I don't get them. And the worst of all, I haven't brought my mp3 player! Sore loser! T_T

I still have to finish my practicum report because I will pass that on Saturday... demmet I haven't started a thing hahaha! xD here comes the cramming again... xD I dunno maybe cramming is my real middle name... It's not that I like to cram but as you know, I'm a big sloth so don't expect big from me... unless it is my interest... You got that right again! That sh*t practicum report is not my thing. Whatever! Although it is necessary I still don't like making one. It's such a pain in the arse. Hacen't the staffs in our school not satisfied with the works that we did from our OJT. What a drag.

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