Monday, June 11, 2007

****missed caption****

Feeling: not so good (my shoulder hurts)
Currently Listening To: "Spillage" by MOMO

Aww... I'm not feeling so good lately. You might be wondering about the title of this post, right? Well, I just can't think of a good title so I just came out of that title. Not that catchy, nee? I can't blame myself for it though. My mind is kinda empty right now even though I accomplished something big (for me) today.

Well, it's not an RP post... I haven't posted anything for RPs today. I just don't feel like it since my shoulder hurts a bit. Who wouldn't have got hurt if you assist your own otou-san to carry the heavy-weight air conditioner outside your room to clean? Well I didn't clean the aircon but I helped him carry it in the garage. Although I was just assisting my otou, it's not a big joke and don't think it wouldn't hurt for me. Well it hurts! After carrying that thing in the garage, it felt like my shoulders were stretched in its limit. Who wouldn't have got hurt if I, a 100-lb person, would carry a thing that is 3x heavier than me even if I just assisted? Helping is not a bad thing but if you got your shoulder sore, then I shouldn't have helped with that. Curse this! >_<

The biggest accomplishment that I did for today is that I was able to gather almost all of Mami Kawada's solo songs. And I posted it in my Multiply account. I have finally found "Magnolia" after ten gold years! o_o But I still can't find the "ROOTS OF THE ROOTS". I dunno if this song is somewhat similar with her "Roots". Who knows? I haven't heard the "ROOTS OF THE ROOTS". And today is the first time that I've heard her "CARPE DIEM" and I was looking for it too! *tears of joy* finally! I found them! *jumps for joy* xD

I was able to find "Spillage" by MOMO too.^^, And I am listening to it right now! I'm getting addicted with MOMO too although she's not that famous unlike Mami. xD I still like her ballad and most of all her "Velocity of Sound"! xD techno-trance is RABU-RABU! xD

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  1. *blink blink* I didn't realize that you have an airconditioner in your house. o_o

    Omedetou on finding Magnolia! *wasiwas kengkowng* I told you it's just out there somewhere. XD

    And... uhh.. ROOTS of the ROOTS? Uhh... oookay? *_*