Thursday, June 07, 2007

Breeze of Boredom

Feeling: still bored
Currently Listening To: "The Maze" by Mami Kawada

Deep down in the ground... Take it time to time... Now it's up to live life again.
-- excerpt from the song.

First of all, Happy 5th anniversary GSG! ^__^

Gah! I'm still bored of my life. I feel like I am lost and out of this world. x_X And because of this boredom that I am feeling, I just visited all of the websites that I usually go... I didn't post much as you can see, I'm saturated of what is happening. And I hate to expect... because when I expect there's nothing happening. Yeah so if you "expect the unexpected", then will "the unexpected be expected also"? Oh my god, I'm getting ambiguous of what is happening with life today. o_o

I am lost in the maze... no can flee... no one can be saved...

I'm getting a headache because of the boredom. I wish that I could already have classes so I can keep myself busy for a while even though I don't like staying at school either. At least I have something to do rather than slump myself here in the house or in the net without something new. I am bored... extremely VERY super duper bored. It felt like 10 minutes is already an hour for me. I wish I could use Xianghua right now and play Soul Calibur 2. Oh how I missed those times that I am using her. I missed swinging her sword and stomping on my enemies' head. Yes, I am still not satisfied of being a Platinum Knight of the Cerberus because I know I could aim higher although I know I'm already top 6 in my chosen team with 210+ wins and 55 losses.

Stand up for your right! Spread your wings and fly...

I wish I could get out of the maze before 5:12 run out. <-- I was just kidding. xD because that was the length of the song that I am listening right now. ^__^ And I'm getting kinda addicted with it again that's why I recommend this song to imouto Nikki-chan and have it as the 3rd ending theme for Anarchy Academy. Hahaha!


  1. Happy Anniversary for Gaidens! Expect the unexpected? hehe.. tama! Bored? aus lng yan kapatid.. akuh nga gusto kuh na rin magka-clase para may pera na ulet akuh.. but there will be an upcoming EB!

  2. @imouto>> nasa AA Discussion thread II sya... ^__^ inupload ko kc sya sa fileden account ko. =)

    @kapatid>> yeah I'm getting pretty bored these days pero the spice is coming back to life... xD unti-unti!

  3. where can i get the lyrics to that song? o_o