Tuesday, June 05, 2007

In the verge of excitement

Feeling: a bit guilty
Currently Listening To: "Harmonia" by Lia

You must be wondering why am I feeling guilty no? Well it's not really because of a true crime but half of it though. xD It's because I posted a single in the Crossover forum which is forbidden according to the rules. It's not because I want to violate the rules but when I get my hands of in the Neva Eva single, I decided to upload and posted it for a good cause -- it is to let everyone had a copy (even if its download) and share it to the world. I felt like when I posted that song, I've forgotten the rules of posting a single in a thread... Oh how stupid of me really... x__X

I hope Rinoa will forgive me... huhu... That would be the first and last time that I will violate and do stupidity in the Crossover...-__-
Setting that aside, I'd like to say that this is one of the most boring days I've ever spent... Nothing special happened... No new RP posts... no other single downloads... no new games... no new shows in the TV... no nothing... I've got fed up of browsing the net all over again with no new important infos except for one.... xD I've found out that Shakugan no Shana will have a second season this coming autumn 2007! I've watched the promo in Veoh few hours ago! I will collect the episodes again! hahaha! So much for excitement nee? But other than that, there's nothing more and it made me saturated. Maybe it's one of the reasons why I did that 'crime' a while ago because life's so boring today.. No one even made me feel special today... hahaha I was just kidding... =P But I really want something that will delight my saturated feelings right now. It's like I want to go somewhere but I don't know where and the worst, I can't go somewhere. =__= oh so boring that I could whine all day long. >_<


  1. Gomene oni. T__T Data-shh love ate my brain so I couldn't post something witty in AA right now. Seems like my brain's dead for some reason, except for Prince of Tennis fics which flashfloods through my mind. >__< gomenasai!

  2. daijoubu desu, imouto-vamp but I hope the other RP'ers would post... I'm not just pertaining to one person... but I understand your situation... ^__^ I've experienced that kind of addiction too hahah!