Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sleep Trouble

Feeling: Troubled/Worried
Currently Listening To: "DROWNING" by MOMO

Right now, I am having a real sleep trouble these days. If you're thinking that I don't sleep often, it's not. My problem is quite the opposite. I oversleep these days and what do I get from it? Yeah, a terrible headache like I'm having steel balls in my head. It's such a heavy feeling to wake up from bed that's why I'm really having a hard time to wake up these days.

I usually sleep for 10 hours or more. I know it's not oversleeping for others but for me, it is. You might recommend me to undersleep but my mind doesn't want to. =__= omigosh, I certainly don't know what am I going to do about this since I don't know how to resolve this one.

Another problem is this one. While I am sleeping deeply, then I will woke up by some sudden noises, it feels like my body clock for sleep resets to 0 and it feels like I still need more sleep. That's probably one of my problem in sleeping. I need some peace sleep so that my body clock won't reset to 0 but when and where? I'm always the last to sleep here then the others who will sleep early will of course, wake up early and they will make such irritable noise that will disturb my deep slumber. x__X I need to resolve this before the start of classes or else, I'll be having difficulty waking up in the morning.


  1. Hmm.. It's the first time that I actually heard of that version of oversleeping. o_o Maybe you should try sleeping earlier than usual, then see if it helps any.

  2. well maybe it's another type of disorder? o_O i hope not... well about sleeping early, I'll try since June 12 is fast approaching... the version of oversleeping is quite weird and I don't like the way it affects my lifestyle... then I will have like a heavy head after I woke up... o_O