Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Promoting Again!

Feeling: Totally thrilled and excited
Currently Listening To: "no vain" by MELL

Well, here I am promoting again! Hahaha getting addicted with MELL nowadays so I'm gonna promote her like what I did with Mami Kawada. XD Hahaha not to mention, I support her as well... XD You know what because of my excitedness, I DL'd on-ahead again! o_O MELL's 2nd maxi single "Proof / no vain" is supposed to be released tomorrow, May 30, 2007 and yet I already have my copy this afternoon! Hahahah! =P


1. Proof
2. no vain
3. Proof [instrumental]
4. no vain [instrumental]

MELL is totally awesome with her single cover that's why I am expecting that this single's gonna be a bit bigger than her Red fraction single. And she resembles Madonna with her appearance in the no vain PV. xD Not totally the same but it is similar. ^__^ I have only watched a 45-second preview of the PV and all I can say is that I can't wait to DL the PV!!!! XDXD= To view the single review that I made, just click here.

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