Sunday, May 27, 2007

Life is like a video game

Feeling: Twacked
Currently Listening To: "verge -MIXED UP style-" by Ayana

I would like to say thank you to Nikki-chan and Martin-kun for treating me today!! ^__^ And for my kapatid Joie-chan!I really really appreciate it! =) So you get tagged by me! Hahaha! Thanks for the Yellow Cab! I'm so full that I didn't ate dinner. And I enjoyed the TimeZone moments! And yeah those "games" came upon when I was going home and I didn't expect it.

I enjoyed the day even though I have to experience such painful-in-the-b*tt moments awhile ago before I reach my house. After Nikki-chan and Martin-kun dropped me off to the jeep station, it was still raining and I don't have my umbrella with me. o_O Knowing it will rain and yet I didn't brought one. =_= Oh well, that's the part where my stupidity entered.

Level 1. Heavy traffic from EDSA Extension to EDSA cor. Taft Avenue and it was raining a bit stronger. Although the distance was quite short, it took me more than 20 minutes to go further. =_= And it's not only the part where I experienced heavy traffic. In SLEX too, I experienced such unfortunate moments.

Level 2. And I didn't know that when we arrived in Sucat Interchange, the driver swapped it's way to West Service Road! And I have already plans on how to ride the next jeep without getting wet if only that sh*t jeepney driver didn't went to WSR! Oh the cruelty! =_=

Level 3. After that sh*t jeepney driver dropped me off near the Festival Supermall, it was still drizzling. Good thing my good ol' cap protected my almost-bare head from it. And I run fast until I reached the Alabang-Zapote Rd. I thought I'm not going to have difficulty riding the next jeep and that was my next biggest mistake. I searched and searched but the jeeps are already crowded and I have no place to fit in there. =_= So what I did was to go near Metropolis and that was supposed to be my last resort! When I arrived there, I got caught up with too many people rushing to ride the jeepneys! x__X Thank goodness after some attempts, I was already successful on riding the next jeepney. *whew*

Level 4. A choice if I will go special or not and it was still raining. My first choice is that I will go special since my mom insisted (thru text) but I chose to just drop off to Block 24. And it's a good thing that I made the right decision because before I reached the Block 24, the rain stopped and there were just droplets of rain left.

It's a good thing my mom didn't got mad because she understood that I have to standby and wait till the rain stops before I go home. *whew*

Well that's about it. It's a good thing my escapade still went through smoothly. XD And I managed to change my blog layout! Hehehe! ^__^


  1. Waa! I'm sorry I didn't check up on how you were doing~ Naghihingalo na kasi batt ko nun ih. >_< Good thing hindi nagalit mom mu oni... :(

    Nice layout btw!

  2. hahaha ok lang! hehehe sya pa nga nagsabi na magpatila muna ako eh! XD thanks for the compliment yay! buti na lang hindi pangetz.. xD

  3. kapatid! hehe.. na traffic ba kau? akuh din.. I tried hard to make it on time.. pero 6pm akuh dumating sa bahay. Kaya nung monday na lng namin napagawa ung computer!! Super saya kuh naman aus na xa!! hehe...

  4. Should I tell you that I dreamt about your "on the way home adventure" last night? Oh wait, I already did. xDD

    I read blog posts too much that they haunt my slumber.

  5. @Kapatid>> uu natraffic ako choobra kaya mga 10pm na ako nakauwi sa amin... x__X

    @imouto-vamp>> really?! o_O hindi nga!? XD nakakatawa naman yun! hahaha and I'm expecting when you woke up, you were laughing hard! =P

  6. Hahaha! Kinda~ And at the same time parang naguiguilty din~ X_x Ang taas pa nga ng HP at SP mu ih. At least sa dream ko may powers ka! Nakakabawas ka ng mga tawowo at a 3/30 SP expense. ^____^ Tapos may mga pulis na humahabol sa yo. O_o basta ang kulet hehehe!

  7. @imouto-vamp>> wow talagang video game! o_O;; may SP at HP pa! XD parang gusto ko tuloy mapanuod ung panaginip mo na yun!! hahaha! =P tatawa cguro ako ng tatawa!