Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Last Day of OJT

Feeling: Relieved
Currently Listening To: "Akai Namida" by Mami Kawada

Yay! At last I already finished my on-the-job training. Well it's not that of a burden to me but I feel like I'm free again just by finishing this OJT. I didn't accomplished a lot in my OJT since the tasks there are not much related to my course but my days there are kinda memorable to me because I meet some new friends there! ^^; I'm so happy that I meet them. We even took pictures awhile ago so that I can have my remembrance of them. I just took the opportunity to have a "picture-picture" session since I need some photos that I will need for my documentation for my OJT report.

And I had my hair done.. yeah... I had my haircut to semikalbo! XP hahaha I'm almost bald right now. XD I'm not totally happy with it (but half of me was... XD). I just did that because I'm sick of my bangs and it's totally hot these days. My hair was bathing into almost everyday and it stinks. XD so I just ended my suffering by letting those sorry hairs go. So it's goodbye hair and come back soon... after 2 months that is. XD lol~

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  1. Post a pic post a pic post a pic post post post! xDD