Thursday, May 17, 2007

Anniversary of a Cursed Day

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Today, May 17, 2007 is the first anniversary of a very tough day for our dearest Fred Itachi that happened last year.

- Start of Flashback -

It was a fine Wednesday morning. I was still an incoming junior student back then. It was enrollment day and I have to get myself enrolled not knowing what will happen there.

When I got to school, I learned that I can't be enrolled because I am not yet cleared for check-up and the one in the science lab. I cleared the check-up but the one in the science lab is one of the f**king hindrances for my enrollment. Well it's because I broke a mercury thermometer there 4 months ago and I still haven't pay for that. I told the professor there that I will pay PhP 150.00 but he didn't accept it. Oh the cruelty! He said that I should replace the thermometer. o_O Crap and I don't have enough money to buy one! I only have a check that time to pay for my tuition fee. Thank God there was a very kind person there... she lend me about P40 to afford one (including my allowance).

Next, it was lunchtime when I went to Alabang Town Center and look for a mercury thermometer but too bad, there aren't any. Next stop is Festival Mall. But still there aren't any available. o_O Then I remembered one of my classmates told me that I can buy 3 for 100 mercury thermometers in Divisoria. Yeah right! So I took the chance to go to Manila since it was still early. I even bugged imouto-vamp
Nikki at that time to come with me to Divi but tough luck, her mom didn't allowed her. But it's okay even though that will be the first time that I will go to Divi.

When I got there, I got "shocked" for a while because I didn't expect that Divisoria would be very tight or masikip plus there are many people going in and out of the direction. Ignoring the people, I search were I could buy this effin' 3-for-100 mercury thermometer but to no avail. It was very exhausting and hot! I searched there for 1 hour and what do I get? BO from other people, smell of rotting river and sneeze because of the smoke from the inihaw foods out there. Someone told me that there is no mercury thermometer available here at Divi but another lady told me to go to Bambang in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Gosh, when I heard that, I really don't know what to do because I have to ask myself, "where the hell is this Bambang? I haven't been here before." although the ladies there are teaching me how to go Bambang. Ah-ha Ryoga mode! XD

You're probably wondering what did I do? Well I just walked the long street of C.M. Recto from Tondo to Sampaloc. I walked for more than 30 minutes there thinking of what will be my next strategy. And I also bugged my imouto Jobelle and told her what happened! I called her while I was walking in C.M. Recto Avenue when I saw a familiar building that I used to see back then. And I was right! It was the Isetann building near FEU! o_O; omigosh, when I realized that it was really Isetann, I giggled at myself looking like a stupid idiot because who would've been the unlucky person who would've walked the long C.M. recto Avenue? Yeah it was moi. And I even texted Joie-C and asked her where is she (because she was living near the area not knowing that she IS just around the corner). It has been a long time since I saw her and we "bonded" while telling her my problem at the same time. Good thing, she knew where Bambang is located. And we walked (again) to confirm if there was a mercury thermometer there. And guess what? There are plenty of mercury thermometer available there and it's not that pricey! But tough luck, my money is not enough to buy me one because of the jeep & bus expenses awhile ago.

When we went back to FEU, we decided to eat rice meals at the carinderia in which were we eat often. For me, it was heaven! I can already rest my feet and legs and eat lunch & merienda (since it was already early evening).

After that and some little bondings, I already decided to go home and went back tomorrow to buy the thermometer that I need. But if you think my fortune has already turned back, I'm afraid not. When I was already in the bus, I checked my money and I realized that my money was already not sufficient for me to go home! I could still ride the bus and the next jeepney ride but the last tricycle ride, I can't afford it anymore.o_o So when I arrived at Soldiers' Hills entrance, I walked and walked until I arrived at home. That was strenuous I should say but when I was already in the place where I usually went off the tricycle, a tricycle driver (which is one of my dad's acquaintances) offered a free ride! Well that's good but it could've been better if we have met in the SHV entrance.

- End of Flashback -

*whew* that was something. It was a very unforgettable experience! But still I was thankful that I experienced that. After all, we learn something from our mistakes! XD


  1. I remember that... o_o Wow, you really took note of that. *pats oni's head*

  2. yeah imouto! that day was very memorable and annoying at the same time so I couldn't possible forget about that so easily. XD