Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cursed Day Part 2

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Currently Listening To: "See You ~Chiisana Eien~" by KOTOKO and MELL

Today was another frustrating day for me... Despite of the cold that I have, I still went for my OJT alone... Yeah my other friends didn't attend today since it's Saturday except for me. But it's okay and because of this, I'll be able to finish my OJT this Monday. Good for me, but bad for me, I wasn't able to go to Mangaholix convention today! And I really wanted to go but I still have work and the worst of all, I lost my PhP 100.00 without me knowing. I just realized that I lost it when I was already in the office! X__X baka baka!

When I think of it, I was still frustrated because I earned that money from my small allowances and I lost it! T__T I wasn't able to have a hair cut because of that... It's a good thing my tito was also working in PLDT that's why I hitched after work. Guess what? If I didn't hitched, I would've been walking home alone because there was only PhP 4.00 left in my wallet! Oh curse this day! But I was able to buy me 4 tablets for my cold.

I called-thru alone in the office and I was even got breached twice because of the complaints of the PLDT myDSL subscribers... I know I should get over with it but I was already telling the subs that I was just an on-the-job trainee and I don't know things about DSL that much because I'm not the one who is connecting and transacting with the subscribers in the first place! =_= kuyashii desu!

But overall, the day still went fine... a little. My day was not complete because I wasn't able to go to the Mall of Asia and witness the Mangaholix Convention and meet with my friends... I already missed the times when we hang out somewhere... But I'm sure this coming schoolyear, I would be able to hang-out with them!

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