Monday, April 09, 2007

A Nostalgic Easter

Feeling: Contented Somehow
Currently Listening To: "Frame" by Hitomi Shimatani

Today, we didn't really celebrated Easter Sunday but rather we spent in my cousin's place in Laguna Bel-Air. It was not as spectacular but I was happy and we (me and my sisters) were able to bond with my cousins again and of course, to my Ninang and grandma. Well, it has been a while since we last did that since they were in Saudi a year ago.

We watched (again) Fruits Basket because our cousins haven't watched it yet... It's not that I don't like Fruits Basket... but I easily get "cheesed"! I mean I get saturated with it already since I already watched it for the nth time (can't remember how many times). But somehow I was able to reminisce the other episodes of Furuba and I was happy because my cousins were able to enjoy watching the show somehow... When they're happy, I'm happy as well... =D

We were able to talk to them with serious and funny stuffs too... about some difficult subjects until the subject became Accountancy. I told my cousin that I can't imagine myself as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) because it was rather far from what I want. o_o And looking from my capabilities, I don't have the brains and guts to took up Accountancy specially if there's a 2.25 quota. And take note my grade in Basic Accounting and Partnership & Corporation were both 2.75 which was a bit faraway from the required grade of 2.25. Hahah! Who would've thought that a math proficient would be this disintegrated with Accounting subjects? =_= Oh my garsh... That's why I can't imagine myself as a CPA! Oh well, even though I only got a 2.75 grade in both accounting subjects, I was still very lucky as one of the very few who passed the subject! I am really afraid to fail that subject because it's a six-unit subject and it's definitely one subject that you won't like for the rest of your life. And thank God I was able to pass! Amen!

I was a bit tired and not to mention sleepy because before we went to Laguna Bel-Air this morning, I was able to sleep 2:00 AM and after 3 hours of sleep, it became hot and when I opened my eyes, I'm very surprised that I can't see anything and it was balck out for several hours which made my sleep uncomfortable and I woke up soaking in sweat. ~~


  1. Furuba! Did you notice the White Day celebration?


  2. Yeah! when they went to the hot spring! hahah! kakatawa ung episode na yun! XD