Saturday, April 14, 2007

Busy Again

Feeling: a bit nervous
Currently Listening To: "Sakura Uta" by RYTHEM

Well well after several days of not blogging, I actually missed it. And it's not because of sloth... I have been very busy this week preparing for my OJT. And it's my fault for not inquiring for my OJT early... hahaha as expected from moi. XD always cramming! But this week did not turned out real fine... because this week was the releasing of our final grades. And I almost fainted when I saw another 5.00 in my card and I don't quite understand why did I deserve that kind of grade. Who would've thought I'd got a failing grade in my thesis subject? I got a bit pissed because we (me & my thesis partner) passed the requirements for our thesis 1 and our prof gave me 5.00? I WILL BE WONDERING if my partner didn't get a 5.00 too but if she got, then we both need to talk to our prof about that. And yes, my parents still didn't knew about this since I haven't talked to our prof and I have to prepare my OJT papers. I'll definitely talk to him one of these days given the chance.

Setting aside all the bad lucks in the world, I was able to download episode 1 & 2 of Shakugan no Shana and Hayate no Gotoku (a recently aired anime) and I am planning on collecting their episodes specially Hayate no Gotoku! XD I enjoyed that anime because it was funny and hilarious! Good thing Veoh have the 1st and 2nd episode... xD and so as Shakugan no Shana so I would be able to reminisce and go back to it whenever I want. XD yesh!


  1. You better contact your thesis partner about her grade there. If my memory serves me correct, your thesis was a success, was is not? If so, how come you failed? It doesn't make sense at all.

  2. That's so absurb! Very unfair!! Your professor must be taking drugs or anything for giving you a 5.00! Talk to your professor kapatid! HE/she can make revisions to it...

    Maybe she got this memory lost or something.. Anywayz..

    Goodluck to your OJT!