Friday, April 06, 2007

Incomplete Holy Week

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Wow it's been a couple of days since I last posted here in my blog... XD And this is my first entry for the month of April... XDXD Oh well, can't blame myself from being a lazy person... Yeah... you got that right. I was NOT in a mood to post here in my blog the last few days that's why I was in a short hiatus mode... xD Oh well, can't rewind the past days... But I could still edit the date of this post... And that I'm not going to do.

Well this week is the Semana Santa or Holy Week here in the Philippines and majority of the people go to the provinces and celebrate the Holy Week there. But me? I don't have to... I'd be pretty bored staying in there...

My mom went to her hometown in Magallanes, Sorsogon for the Holy Week, my father seldomly stay here in our house because of some "important" meeting. My two big sisters are call center agents and they work from night till morning. So that leaves me and Eunice here in the house. But that's okay with me... because I'd like it when there is only few people here in our house... no one to scold you, no one to fight with the computer, and specially no noise pollution around (except for the dogs). But if you're going to ask me, my Holy Week is somewhat incomplete because supposed to be, Holy Week is being "celebrated" together with your family, I still haven't given up with my "addictions" like this PC... I kept playing GBA and PSX emulators all day... =_= Oh well, it would be boring if I'm not going to touch the computer... And I won't be able to listen to my anime/jpop mp3s since my mp3 player is low in battery. o_o

I have downloaded Hitomi Shimatani's other singles... Soon I would be able to complete it and her albums... but our disk space kinda suffers so I gotta buy me another batch of blank CDs on the next few days to store them. Oh my, look at the time... I have to sleep now or else my father will be able to catch me for the 3rd time. o_o Ciao!

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