Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pretty Out of the Unordinary

Feeling: Not that comfortable/thrilled
Currently Listening To: "Jewel of Kiss" by Hitomi Shimatani

Today was not that exciting day. It's a bit boring and too ordinary. You know, when you got fed up of doing the same routines everyday and you keep on sulking. XD Well, whatever... But even though that is the case, I still did something worth the time like posting in the Crossholism RP (finally my first post! XD) and in my Season's Call RP in the gaiden. I was kinda excited for this two RPs.. XD My problem is that I want to post in the Anarchy Academy too but I can't think of any good situations to brought up in post. Gomen ne, Nikki-imouto... x_X

Not just that, I am so problematic of what will happen to me the next few days. I still haven't got any place to work for my OJT. x_X And the worst of all, I haven't submitted my otehr requirements at our Departmental Office. Demmet! How lazy could I get from this? I won't get any results from being a lazy bum! I felt like I was the worst bum that has ever been created because of my laziness... =_= Well, it's not because I don't want to work... But I just like to rest for a while because I was still a little tired of something about the school. I wanna break away from school for a while. Yeah, I kinda disliked being at school these days because I hate my life there! I wish I could just go away from that miserable life. It's not my type of haven... specially some of the people there are kinda insensitive and just plain damn. I wanna kick those people's arse so hard they'll kiss the moons! Hrmph! Specially those backstabbers who have something against when I don't know what I did wrong to them. Bizaare eh? They're just plain damn, I'm telling you...

Let's just change the topic for heck's sake. -_- I was able to download two singles of Hitomi-san today and I am beginning to love and savor her singles every single day. xD I was able to download the "Kaihouku" single which was released way back year 2000 and the "Jewel of Kiss" single which made my day a bit delighted because of it's soothing melody. Hitomi Shimatani = WINNER! XD hehehe! Like what I said in my previous post, even if I am the only Hitomi Shimatani fan here in the Philippines, I'd be glad to wave her banner! Go Hitomi-san! XD yay!

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  1. Hahaha its okay. I, too, am having trouble trying to keep my dedication for Anarchy Academy, even though I shouldn't. I'm still thinking if we could transfer that to Vindicta.