Monday, March 26, 2007

A Tragic Imagination

Feeling: Tragic
Currently Listening To: "Osaka no Onna" by Hitomi Shimatani

Just now, I got curious and tried listening to Hitomi Shimatani's debut single "Osaka no Onna" which, at first, I was afraid to try. Why? It's because according to the reviews and critiques from my sources, they said it sold poorly and thus marking the beginning and the end of Hitomi-san's enka career. So in my mind, I thought that the song was a bit awful so I didn't tried until now. But now, that I'm listening to it, I kinda liked it since I'm more on the pop and ballad songs. And according to my sources, the song was like from the 60's. Yeah, I kinda admit but Hitomi-san's voice quality is so vibrant here that I didn't care if it was like from the 60's. And IMO, it was not all enka unlike the Gokusen's ending theme "Onore Michi". For me, Osaka no Onna was way better than Onore Michi and it has strong expression on me that it got me half-emo. XD oh well... I just like the taste of the song. It was like the ones that I will hear in the night bars who are full of emo and drunk people. XD

I have to admit that I felt the tragic and loneliness of this song. According to one of my sources, the lyrics focus on the sad irrecoverable destiny of her (the lyricist's love) desertion by her lover. The woman feels resignation towards her destiny and tries in vain to forget her past memories with her lover. When I read about it, something popped into my mind like, "are all enka songs full of tragic stories/experience?" From what I recently noticed from all these kind of songs, they are always in a sad mood and mostly caters to older audience. They also have this impact that will punch right at your heart and made you sad just by hearing the sound. It hitted me right on the spot. x_x Oh well, that is my first expectation before listening to Osaka no Onna. Not bad for an enka song because not all enka that I heard in the past hit me like this. XD It has a good reflection that I should listen to these kinds of songs once in a while to feel the taste of bitter past.

As expected of Hitomi-san, this single of hers is definitely one of those I will listen whenever I want to look back at the 60's. XD lol~ The single's not that bad although it sold poorly, the important is, it is recognized and it even received critical acclaim and won some awards like it got the top spot at the Oricon Enka Charts although this was Hitomi-san's debut single. But now, I'd like her even more although she is not an enka singer. XD Reach to the top, Hitomi-san! XD Even if I am the only Hitomi Shimatani fan here in the Philippines, I would be glad if I were to wave a banner in front of EDSA? lol~ Anyways, I'm a big & loyal Hitomi Shimatani fan forever and ever and ever... AMEN!

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