Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Almost Over

Feeling: Exhausted and Hot
Currently Listening To: "Ramblin'" by Hitomi Shimatani

*whew* it's been a while since I last posted here in my blog... XD I've been busy for four friggin days because of my finals examination week. x__X But thank God, it's almost over... I have only one exam left tomorrow and that is Product & Brand Management. I don't feel like studying right now because I know that most part of the test there are analysis and application. So what is there to study? XD Hahaha! I'm not that confident that I will do well tomorrow but of course, I'll try my best.^__^ I may not be the best student in our class but my brain has full of ideas that will help me pass this exam.

Back at school, I felt like I was a living zombie roaming around the school campus because I didn't get any sleep last night because I have to finish my business proposal for my technical writing class. Sheesh! X_X It took me all night just to finish that damn paper but at least I'm done with it. I just want to rant right now and throw all of my frustrations at school. Speaking of throwing all of my frustrations, I was able to play Soul Calibur 2 after my second exam at Alabang Town Center. I missed Xiang Hua!! XD I was able to won the conquest and played Survival Mode using Talim but I just wiped out 11 enemies... Not really that bad but I could've done better if I had chosen Xiang Hua... XD haha!

Ahh yes... I was able to finish my new layout and here it is! I'm in purple mode today. XD Don't be mistaken with my layout... I'm not a big shoujo-ai fan. I just find this picture cute and neat that it got into my plans for making a new layout for my blog. Coincidentally, this also serves as a tribute for the shounen/shoujo-ai RP "Crossholism" that I recently joined in Vindicta.^^ I haven't posted in the RP yet but I'm excited to be in the story. Yeah! Hot-blooded RP'er comes again! XD

Well then, I'm already tired and sleepy... I could sleep for a thousand years! LOL~

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