Monday, March 19, 2007

"Permit" by MELL

In this globe were we living,
There is only one place were I can free my soul.
Just like a trip into our memory,
his expression lead me through

When it's hurt so much... live like I used to live and when my life
seems so left behind a luck.

Staring it hard like watching a sketch and hold the flame tight
until I feel it through my arm to my deep soul.
Falling in the ground without ever blooming in a huge dark city
You tried to grant me a dream with a pity light.

Once I fell in love with a why man
He said he reads my dream with a kiss, a sweet wind blew in.
I put my lips trying to feel inside of me
But I couldn't get where he is taking me.

When it's hurt so much... is it something that will prove my life?
There is nothing last for good.

Don't touch my heart in a night like this even a word gathers rust
Don't forgive me for what I've done knowing it was wrong.
You take everything in your silent eye and it stab through my heart
Your sympathy that's the only what I am asking for.

Almighty Lord, please be with me
And, skin inside of you, before my heart tumble down.

A tower of crime it's necessary evil for survival
Like a million of star in the sky illuminate in my eye

If my pure words were veiled in the vicious dark sky
I need your forgiveness to embrace my whole broken heart
Generously, I trash my body and devote my pray for
Someday, it will come to heal and will disappear

And I beg for love...
To always be around us...


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