Monday, March 19, 2007

Not Feeling Like It

Feeling: Don't want to study!
Currently Listening To: "Rainbow" by NIRGILIS

Kyahh! I'm feeling very lazy today... I didn't studied my lessons very well because I don't feel like it... Our finals exam will be tomorrow and I still odn't have the mood to study my lessons... XD Oh well, my first and last exam tomorrow will be Macro-economic theory. It's not that I'm very confident that I will pass this subject... It's just that I already know some things there that I might encounter in our test, which I already knew. Not to mention, our professor there is not that strict and she is very considerate haha! With that, I will take back my words! I am now confident on passing this subject! Hahah lol~

Looking on the bright side, I'm almost done downoading The Legend of Dragoon game.. XD it's 70% finished and soon I will be able to play it again! Hurray~ but it took me a long time to download it since it's size is a good 1.07 GB... X_X Gawd, it did took me aeons before it reached 70%... X_x I'm excited to use Rose again... I missed her Demon's Dance addition. XD I hope I'll be able to play it again one of these days... Or maybe after finals! XD *jumps in excitement*

Overall, nothing much happened today until I watched the Death Note 2: The Last Name trailer in Veoh. Whoah I got excited because I was able to see my beloved Nana Katase on-screen again! Oh how I love her! XD She played as Kiyomi Takada in that live-action movie and from what I saw in one of my sources, she is the other Kira aside from Light! O_o wooh! She's going antagonist again! But at least for a change since in Viva! Yamada Barbara, she was perky and funny. XD way to go Nana-sama! XD Can't wait to watch the movie! ^__^

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